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Nekro G

In 1998, Nekro G began his music career by recording various mixtape tracks and performing at local IE shows. In 2003, he formed his own music label, Wikid Funk Records, and began recording a frenzy of new music. Since that time he has released over 40 mixtapes, including 8 official solo mixtapes, 10 Rant's & Ravings mixtapes, various group projects, and countless features and collaborations with other artists.  Wikid Funk Records has had a revolving door of underground artists, including VD and Dr. Edrum, and is still supporting local IE artists such as Sonny Jonez.  Nekro G has played numerous So Cal underground shows, including the first Westcoast Wickidfest in 2010 (thrown by Grim Reality Entertainment and featuring Hopsin, and Insane Poetry).  Also in 2010, he was named 2010 Rap Champ winner.
In 2011, JP Tha Hustler collaborated with Nekro G for the song "Dogg," which turned into the first song for Nekro G's EP release for Grim Reality Entertainment, "Real Raw Rap."  He has since released his first full-length album "Reel Street Musik" in October 2012, featuring the video singles "Take The Trash Out" and "Hustle Aggressive." He also has since been on many GRE Cds, worked on a project called "Moodswings" with other labelmates, and is playing more shows, including a tour starting March 1st, 2013. Nekro G was also name Best Hip Hop Artist in IE 2012 by Magazine IE Weekly. He has become a Staple to the label and full time grinder with mission, He released his LP Beyond Beast on November 2nd, 2012 and Another "Thought Crimes in late 2014, as Well as releasing a CD with Mulligan of Godpawn. He is currently working on a new CD for 2016. Stay Tuned!
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