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Sponsors & Affiliates

Here are Various Companies that either Sponsor Nekro G or are Business Affiliates.

The Record label Nekro G is currently signed to and has released his last 2 cds on. All of Nekro G's beats on his GRE projects are made by JP Tha Hustler.

The Current GRE Line up Includes: Nekro G, JP Tha Hustler, Dr. Edrum, Slyzwicked, Spek One, Two Cees, & Killa Gabe.

Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Located in Inland Empire

Cali Care Group of IE is Nekro G's Favorite and Choice Dispensary in all of California.
Best Top Shelf, Fastest Delivery times, and SUPER Cometitive Pricing! 
And they have always shown him love since day one, If you go tell em Nekro G referred you!

Australian owned

MMA/Wrestling Apparel

A cool Australian Company owned by a good friend of Nekro G's. Check out the Video page to peep the Theme song Nekro G did for there new Commercial!

Legit Rewards Site.

Get Free Stuff for computer work​

Sign up to get FREE STUFF for doing surveys, watching videos, filling forms, and playing games!


Portable Smoking Devices

for Cannabis,  Hash, and Wax.

A Division of the Medstick Company, Vapor Cone makes Excellent smoking devices that are portable, lighterless, an excellent way to smoke hash and wax.

Sign up to get FREE STUFF, Get free points JUST FOR SIGNING UP! Give away junk around your house and get quality stuff online!  NEKRO G 100% SUPPORTS LISTIA!

Check out the Homie he interviews underground artist, a respected staff member and his radio runs 24/7!


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