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J-Pegs Year Of The G Double CD Review

------------------------------------------ Artist: J-Pegs CD: Year Of a G Side A Buy it here for $7 Or Stream for Free! The fourth album by J-Pegs, and the first of a two-part chronicled project produced entirely by Trippy Gang's in-house producer Miles G2G.

Released September 11, 2015 Miles G2G on the beats, J-Pegs on the rhymes.

1.)1991 to Forever- Lots of cool samples all over from the Beginning to the end of this track puts your mind in the perspective for some crazy shit. Song has an Old School vibe to it, Like the old school References. I think the Break before the 2nd verse was a little longer than it needed to be, besides that the song is cool.

2.)PGOD- Wasn't Feeling this beat, The Hook is cool, its the strong point of the song, Love the Echo Effect on it, it works really well in this instance. The verses on this track are not J-Pegs best, But they aren't horrible, either. Songs got a strange Spiritual feel to it.

3.)Broker's License- Like the intro on this, its personable and gives you some insight on J-pegs, Just wish it was a little louder so you could fully understand what is said. This beat has a cool slow chill vibe to it. Verses are kick back yet cool at the same time, Chorus is the weak point of the song, It probably wouldn't have been as bad without the Deep voice effect, It changes the vibe from what the Verses were going off on. I like the extra drums towards the end, and the Instrumental fade out, kind of like an Old Too Short Song, Let the beat play!

4.)No Idea- The samples in the beginning sound cool, This beat is out there, and off the wall. Starts off all weird then goes into some Samurai style shit. Im Torn on whether or not I like it. It has both good and not so good elements. I like the premise of the song in the lyrics. I didn't dig the Autotune chorus. It kind of killed the vibe of verses. The Verses are the high Point of the song.

5.)FLUDD-This into seemed way too long, The beat is kind of spacey in a good way. I like the way it breaks and builds in between verses. There seems to be no Chorus, just J-Pegs going off on shit in his life during the break. The Last Verse was my favorite. Single as a Dollar Bill LOL That was a funny line.

6.)See What I See- The Sample on this one was done a lot better, it was way more audible than in the last 2 tracks, The beat is also outerspace like. I like the entendres in this song. Another song that doesn't seem to have a hook just kind of breaks and builds into the next verse, its not a bad thing, it gives you time to reflect on the verses, not to mention it sounds Trippy, and probably would be outrageous on acid LOL

7.)Have you Seen- This beat has a Video game feel to it, is also very trippy. J-pegs is almost chopping on this one, spitting a lot faster than his normal style, and he goes in good doing so. The hook is weak point on this one, it just kind of seems plain and slows down the speed from where the verses are going in, this song fades awesome.

8.)For A Boss- More Trippy shit on the instrumental tip, Then hits almost like a slow jam. Rhymes are cool. The Echo on the hook is dope, but the chorus is not very lyrical. This is J-pegs pimp song tho, I could see dude spitting this shit at some hoe's LOL

9.)Cap- The Cheering Kids sample is awesome LOL, This beat goes in. This is not only my

favorite beat on this CD, this is my Favorite song on it. J-Pegs style works good on this one too. Wait until my final form is revealed was my favorite bar. The breaks are nice. The hook is repeated, and kind of plain, Had this song had a better hook, it could have gone from a really good song to an Amazing song. I would of for sure pushed it as a single.

10.)Toonami- More Trippy shit, But what else should I expect from the Trippy Gang Right? LOL There is a yell in this song that clips a little. This is probably my least favorite song on the CD. The beat just didn't have a lot of style to it in my opinion, The 2nd verse was way better than the first.

11.)This Side- This is very slow at the start, and has you like uh, then speeds up a little bit and gets a lot better , The verses are cool, but doesn't seem to match the beat that much but they sound cool. The Chorus is decent, Like the Samples that give light about J-pegs.

12.)Stars Don't Shine Forever- The Bird sound is cool, makes me feel like I'M tripping on peyote in the desert somewhere just drifting, The Verses got some decent bars, the break is very oriental, but it sounds dope. This is one of the better hooks on the CD.

13.)Air to the Throne- The intro Speaks the Truth about hip hop, I like how he came off real on this track, This is the Realest track on the record. The Chorus isn't bad, But the verses and the intro are the strongest points.

Artist: J-Pegs CD: Year Of a G Side B Buy it here for $7 or Stream it FREE!

1.)K?.?I?.?N?.?G. (Kickin' Information Never Gratified)- Very Trippy industrial sounding instrumental, I like the "who or oh" sample it goes dope with the beat. One of my favorite beats on this double CD, J-Pegs has a dope tone in this song, I like that the speed is faster then his normal style. This is a cool jam.

2.)Every Fuckin' Time- Intro is kinda long, I don't like the flow pattern at the beginning of this one, its kind out there, then there were a couple cool parts where he hits good double sylables. I think chorus could of been better if it was sung or rapped out more instead of sort of talking it. I almost think the outro is almost too long too.

3.)Grandma's House- I like the echos on the intro, Some cool Entendres, I like the rhyming on this one, this ones gotta cooler style and a better hook. The idea is kinda ridiculous and funny, but it sounds dope still.

4.)Coastin- I Dig this one, This beat is dope, The style of rhyming is nice. This is one you can nod your head to. The chorus works. This is my favorite song off side b, and one I would of put as a single. The break on this beat is nice too.

5.)Strange Nights- This beat is pretty cool, It kinda got a horror movie, house on the hill, creepy vibe to it. I like how this song is more like a story. Parts of it don't seem to sound like it matches with the beat right before the hook comes in towards the end, the beat just gets kinda weird, and the flowing just seems a little off, The Chorus is kinda basic, but it ain't bad, The story telling and dope beat make it one of the better songs on this CD.

6.)Trap House- This beat is kinda basic, not really a fan of it, The Pace of the writtens is nice, and the lyrics aren't bad, The Chorus effect doesn't sound good to me, and at first I wasn't feeling the chorus after the first 4 bars of it, but the last 4 bars of it made it work for me and it made it not as repetitive when it changed up.

7.)50 Trillion - I like the Piano on this beat, but the rest of it doesn't really stand out, The flow on this one is kinda out there. I felt like another verse could of fit on this, there was a really long break before the chorus hit and then the chorus goes on for like a minute and it gets kinda repetitive. One of my least Favorite tracks on the CD.

8.)Side Bitch- I dont think the Echo works on this intro because he's trying to tell a story and it makes it harder to follow. The beat is dope, it has a cross of classical, with darkness and hype as well. The flow is cool and goes lyrically well too. The Chorus is nice, and even the Autotune on this works.

9.)Stay Woke- This beat has a nice 8 bit feel to it, the flow pattern starts strong, but This song is really long, and while the change up mid beat was nice, it still felt like forever before it came back in. The Concept was Original and definitely outside the box on this one.

10.)Long Live the Real - I don't know who all those fucks were out to, or what all that shit is/was about, but I personally wouldn't give there names out as its almost a commercial for them, Diss songs are a favorite of mine, And I have always like disses that are more subliminal. Love the Magnum PI line, the break from the verse is kinda weird. This beat is also out there, sounds like alarms going off while Psycho is Chasing you.

11.)Yogi Berra- This beat is slow, and the flute is cool but doesn't match it all the time, The Premise of this song is strange. Wasn't a fan of the song all around, the chorus is kinda weak, and the autotune doesnt work, but the doubles in the verses were nice, The fade out echo was a nice touch.

12.)Chamber of Secrets- This track blends in excellently from the previous track, however The beat takes a long time to change up, I was almost expecting this to be a harry potter song due to the title lol, The sample about talking and therapist was dope. This is another very long song, More good doubles in the rhymes, I like the piano in the instrumental.

13.)Leave You- I like the intro to this one, great background story. This beat is cool. And lyrics aren't bad, But I felt more emotion could of been expressed in these lyrics to convoy the message better. Don't think the autotune worked here either. The chorus isn't bad without it.

Final Thought: I should of took acid before reviewing this CD lol, I will make a promise to at a later date. So much trippy shit, really fits the Trippy Gang name. As cool as the trippy shit is, I would of like to see J-pegs rap on some more different beats, most of these beats have the same style, with a few exceptions, I would like to see some variations on the next record. On The First CD "Cap" is by Far the best song on here, "Toonami" was my least Favorite. On The 2nd CD "Coastin" "Side Bitch" "K.I.N.G." and "Strange Nights" are the better songs on the CD, While 50 Trillion & "Yogi Berra" were my least favorite songs. One thing I didn't like is there was alot of space in between songs where theres nothing but instrumentals, personally I dont mind that on intros and outros, but in the middle I believe they should be alot shorter, unless its like a guitar solo for instance or something, but thats just personal preference.

J-Pegs is an Underrated artist, with a lot of potential to become something much greater, I dig a lot of his rhymes, He's got some Metaphors and Similes, as well as just some plain cool bars. The one thing he needs to work on is expressing the emotion in the lyrics that are delivered, some of his bars are solid but not delivered with the Full emotion that expresses what he's talking about, I dig J-Pegs, and I think he's got a future ahead of himself as long as he keeps his head in the game.

J-Pegs has come a long way, I've done numerous collabs with the homie and he is always improving, Stay Tuned for our upcoming collabo "Vultures", Cuz dude murdered that shit and is my favorite song by him to date.

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