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ChrisdaCEO - The Gold Files CD Review

Artist: ChrisdaCEO CD: The Gold Files Pick it up here and support indie artist:

1.)Captain Ft. Wiz Khalifa Remix - This was a nice remix from the original song, I thought ChrisdaCEO compliments Wiz Khalifa nicely. The Effect on the first few bars was kinda weird, but the verse was dope, the way Chrisdaceo rode the beat was nice.

2.)Blam Ya - Cool beat, Cool chorus lyrically, but Didn't really like the chorus's flow personally, but I can see it being catchy, The first Verse was hyphy, 2nd was alright, Vocals are a little loud on the verses, overall decent track.

3.)Narley - Dope beat, I think the background voices should be a little louder, Not really something i'd bump, but its not bad, for a person like myself who dislikes autotune, when that one autotune part came on at 1:20 to 1:33 that was hot, best part of the song.

4.)Luh The Money Ft. Foreign Jay - The way the song opens is badass, 1st verse Was going good til about 50 seconds in then kinda felt like the flow style fell off a little in my opinion, the chorus came in and saved it super dope, 2nd verse was good, overall nice song, one of my favorites for sure.

5.)Best Life Ft. Wiz Khalifa Remix - Nice beat, Cool little remix, Was a way better verse than Sossaman, I dug the flow on this, Sort of chopper like. Good Song, but short.

6.)No Heart - Not a fan of this hook or beat on the hook, Beat was just too weird for me on the hook, and the hook was just too much for me, but when the verses came in it was better, the verses were good and the beat was better in the verse portion. This one's not for me.

7.)Fuck Back - Beats alright, Didn't like the autotune on this one, didn't feel it complimented the beat good, Verses were alright. Decent track.

8.)Bed Rest Ft. Wiz Khalifa - Another Cool Remix, Verse is nice, but a little loud, Good track otherwise.

9.)My Family - Hooks not bad I dig it, Beats cool, Verses good, I like the aggression he came off with when it started. Think this song is more relatable to the average person. Really like the beat breakdown at the end smooth.

10.)Decoy - Beat is alright, Verses alright, The punches on the beat were cool. Other than that is was just alright track.

11.)Mane Event Ft. Foreign Jay - Cool beat, Wasn't a fan of the hook on first spin but its not bad kinda grew on me by the end of the song. 1st Verse was cool, wasn't a fan of the 2nd one tho. Overall Good track.

12.)Frustrated - Too much autotune, The chorus is good tho, but the autotune would of just been better on the hooks and the ends of bars. But even with that said the Song is still pretty good, and kinda catchy.

13.)O.M.G. - Beats opening is dope, then the beat comes in and its alright lol Track is alright, Hook was average, verses too, Another one with autotune on pretty much everything, this track just seems to drag on for a long time, Not one of my favorites for sure.

14.)Big Boss - Cool chill beat, Don't know about burning a hole in the dollar and fucking it tho lol but It was funny ass bar. Verses were kinda funny too, but good. Overall I liked this one.

15.)The Rock - Yikes, this one has a clipping issue or something, and for that reason alone id skip it normally, but i'm reviewing so heres the review, that sound brutally hurts the song, The lyrics on the hook weren't bad, but that sound kills it for me. Verses were good too, This song could of been one of my favorites, I liked it but that Clip on the hook every time it comes in ouch yo.

16.)God Damn! - I like the intro on this its dope, as is the beat. Verses a little loud, but dope. Song kinda drags a little in length, but its a good track to go out on.

Final Thoughts: This was my first sample of ChrisdaCEO, overall I thought it was a good mixtape, The remixes I am usually against but he seemed to compliment them well, I would like to hear more variations of styles of songs maybe on the next one, Maybe a little less autotune on the verses. But anything that sounds like Luh the Money is Gold. Standouts include the ear candy sensation Luh The Money Ft. Foreign Jay, Best life, & My Family, & Big Boss.

While weaker tracks were No Heart, OMG, & The Rock.

Overall if your looking for some new flavor this is good CD to pick up especially for fans of Wiz Khalifa for the remixes alone.

Either way you need to go check out Luh The Money, cuz that shits hot.

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