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OCK Soprano - Adapt or Perish CD Review

Artist: OCK SOPRANO CD: ADAPT OR PERISH Pick it up here and support indie artist:

1.) Dick Tracy - Crazy Intro Track, I liked the Demonic Overdubs, Flow Was cool. The whole Dick Tracy thing seemed a little out of place, But beat and flow still made this a cool little intro.

2.)Eastcoast Rap Part 3 - Nice cool East Coast beat, Nice rap that reminds me of old school Wu Tang style, Overall decent track, Ends Nicely.

3.) Enough Feat. Insane Loc & Kese Soprano- This Gotta Old school Vibe, I liked the sample when it came in it hit nice with the flow, Insane Loc's Verse came hard, Overall The song flowed cool High Point on the CD. Nice Owen Hart Sample lol.

4.) The Miracle - Funky beat with a dope bass line, Old school type flow, Its a decent song, and it had a couple cool bars, But the flow style was a little too slow for my taste. Its Like Biz Markie Meets whoever did the Nation Of Domination theme lol

5.) Makin' Some Noise Feat. Kese Soprano & Damien Quinn - Funny Funky ass Country Lick Beat, I thought I wasn't going to dig this, But it actually was dope, Everyone brought Decent heat that went good on the beat, Tho The 2nd Verse Was My Favorite. Probably my favorite Verse on the CD.

6.) Crew Got Doe Skit - This reminds me of something Esham would do lol the beats kind of funny got a low rider vibe, The song part was ok, but the small skit after was the best part of it.

7.) American Life Feat. Drilla & Ted Low - (Note start of track had an error like a tv fuzz sound for 1 second, not sure if its on the actual recording or was just a cd-r error) Nice Dusty Rhodes Sample at the start, wasn't feeling the first verse, Chorus was aight, 2nd verse was cool it brought the track back a little, 3rd Verse Reminded of Kurrupt kinda, But I Wasn't feelin it Personally.

8.) Wicked Shit - The panning on the intro was cool. Slow Flow, some cool Wrestling references, I think this started off cool then kinda fell of a little, Beat fits the mood tho and On The chorus was I liked the last 2 bars of it, but the frito lay bar was kinda corny.

9.) The Sermon - Beat fits the theme nice, Intro was kinda cool, I think it would of been a little better scripted if it wasn't. The Song Came in way different than I expected, It almost has a circus vibe to it, The interludes in between were nice, I dug that, The flows not bad but the beat is just too weird for my taste.

10.) Vegas to Times Square Feat. Dramatik & Lord Sin - This had a heavy east coast feel, Chorus was cool, First verse went nice too couple good bars, 2nd verse was cool too, I really liked the break in the beat it was done well, the contrasting styles meshed well too, 3rd verse went good reminded me like a not as deep Chali 2na. This is definitely another Highlight of the CD.

11.) War Feat. Kese Soprano & Lungz The Soul Eater - 2nd Verse was doper than the first, But the 3rd verse was just off the wall and I wasn't feeling the flow, He ruined the vibe for me.

12.) Hey Joe Feat. Baby Eazy - E and Kese Soprano - Nice Jimmi Hendrix Sample, Beat has nice bass, Decent Story Track, has an old school flow. It was Cool. Wasn't Feeling Baby Eazy Verse, 4th verse brought the original feel back for me.

13.) All Ok - very Bass Heavy, Good rhyme Scheme at the start then kinda fell off a lil, I didn't like the chorus tho, just seemed really basic, 2nd Verse was cool tho. 3rd verse was cool Like the skip scratching thing, Chorus brings this song down tho, beat was kinda crazy.

14.) Let The Beat Build Feat. Kese Soprano - Old School track, 2nd Verse was my favorite had great flow, good shit tho a Nice way to end the CD.

Final Thoughts: OCK Soprano is a cool rapper with A Flow that resembles a late 80s early 90s rap style, Slow But Rocking on time time with the beat. Him and his brother got a cool style that plays off each other nicely, The CD Had Some Bangers in "Enough Feat. Insane Loc & Kese Soprano", "Making Some Noise Feat. Kese Soprano & Damien Quinn", & "Vegas to Times Square Feat. Dramatik & Lord Sin". Meanwhile low points on the Album, Were American Life, The Sermon & All Ok. But Overall I Dug The CD, And Would recommend it to anyone who loves that Old School Hip Hop Vibe, This should be right up your alley, Look Forward to hearing more from OCK Soprano and his brother in the future.

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