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J-Pegs Dirty Pepsi 2.5 Review

Artist: J-Pegs CD: Dirty Pepsi 2.5

Pick it up here and slap it like I did yo Mama Last night!

1.)24 - Sort of dark like intro, Beat is creepy cool, I like the "If you don't fuck with me, then Don't fuck with me" lol The Verse started good, then kinda fell off a little and started to hear a lisp for a minute, but then it came back with some decent bars. Not really feeling the hook. Felt like there was a lot of empty beat after.

2.)Say Everything Feat. Sauce - Nice epic style beat with dark undertones. Vocals on Chorus a little loud, But hook is decent. I like The Flow pattern on this. J-Pegs Really changes it up for this one and has a flow with a direct attack, and he goes in on it, The echo break is a nice add on, Sauce's Verse was cool too, first time hearing him and he did his thing as well, This is one of the stronger jams on the CD. I Dug it a lot.

3.)Cuban Rum - Very laid back fade away style again, Not as cool some of the others like it tho. Wasn't a fan of this one, Chorus felt lazy, The song is a good song to just relax N smoke to, the song isn't bad, but its not hype enough like the song before it.

4.)Fuck Yeah - Beat has some dark tones, mixed with some slow samples, Tone felt kinda depressing, But the verses seemed more uplifting style, so the vibes didn't match as well, but the verse wasn't bad, Only real problem was there was only 1 verse, song was very short.

5.)Yeah - Whoa is this the same beat as previous? lol deja vu. After the intro I expected it to be a censored version, lmao. This was funny honestly, it was a good idea to make people laugh.

6.)Fresh Feat. Jarell - I like this beat, pimp club like, Intro is ok. I the first verse, and part of the delivery, but parts of the delivery kinda felt read off the paper and less emotion like. The hook works. Jarells Verse is a little louder, the verse is good. He's got a nice tone. Would of been cool to see a 3rd verse bounce back and forth between the two of you.

7.)Bad Idea - I didn't like the intro, the beat is drifty, chorus is a little catchy, not really my style But the echo makes it sound good, The slow dragging attack style flow works on this tho. The 2nd verse was a lot different both in tone, and it was louder.

8.)Any Given Season - I really like this beat, Slow and G like. Cool flow. Was really into this one I dug it But this one was good and needed more Verses. like 2 more lol, I felt robbed lol Hot shit.

9.)How Ya Livin' Feat. Lost Soul The E-Mo Kat Mainstream hook, But it works for the song, beat is pop like, Never heard of Lost Soul The Emo Kat, His verse was ok, Kinda started off weak, but picked up towards the end of the verse nicely. J-Pegs Came on attacking it. I dug it.

10.)A Million Times - Another Mainstream style song, Beat and hook have that vibe, J-pegs doesn't sound too bad trying to sing the chorus, it works. Verses are alright, This is not my style, but This is gunna get J-pegs lots of Vagina lol A Million Times to be precise. lol The song is nice and mellow and isn't bad at all, I'd push it to a mainstream audience to get more into your music.

11.)Kim Kardashian - This also has a mainstream feel to it in the chorus, But still like it better then some of the other choruses that were more generic on previous J-peg CDs, when the flow hits, its well mixed and sound good. This ain't one of my favorites, but this one works. I like the beat.

12.)Thinking About You - Very pop like opening hook, beat is kinda club like, This flow got a nice style. This is probably the track that will get him the most pussy lol. Idk Just got a nice Pimp vibe off this, like too short with more of a pop feel.

13.)Arrogant - Out there beat with some Sonic Sound FX lol. Starts weird, but picks up decent, The flow works with it. I like the vibe it has, but its definitely out there all together, original none the less.

14.)Break One - This beat picks up nicely from the last one, has a nice gaming vibe to it too but dark, I dig it a lot, Except the scream sample, The flow started going good, then it slowed down a lot, but it does pick up again before the hook. Chorus is kinda generic But it works, wasn't a fan of the autotune again tho.

15.)Rollin' With Us Feat. Devin Blaze - Very slow calm piano to open, More autotune, Wasn't feelin it. When the flow came in tho, it was better. Too much Autotune for my taste, First time hearing Devin Blaze, unfortunately I wasn't too impressed, this was one of the weaker songs on both CD's honestly in my opinion. It does have a nice instrumental fade out tho, as the hook comes back into play that works for the song.

16.)Act Rich - Epic Pad like instrumental, Nice break before the flow starts, I was hoping you were going to chop on this one, the flow was kinda slow tho. The lyrics and concept aren't bad, But wasn't feelin it personally, however the hook itself was a new style and I dug it . The 2nd Verse was a little better.

17.)Fire - Slow starting instrumental, Generic hook, wasn't feelin it really, Flow starts even real slow, but picks up a little, but wasn't my style. It does bleed into the chorus good tho. Flow Fell off again in the 2nd verse. Was probably my least favorite song on the CD.

18.)X-Wing - Nice Star wars Reference lol Beat is out there, Vocals have a Sound effect on it some kinda reverb, doesn't really work for me. Beat is just way out there too. Lyrics seemed subpar to the rest of the CD.

19.)Drink Too Much - Nice dark feel to the beat, I like these samples they sound dope, and mix we'll with the beat. There's that Yell again in the beat lol. Flows not bad, Better then the last few tracks for sure, a nice refresher. Wasn't feelin the hook really, but the effect works well with it.

20.)When I'm Dead - Nice vibe, kinda pop like on the instrumental. I wish the sample in the beat was a little louder, But I dig it, and the flow to it too, Was a nice way to close the CD out. I like the lyrics to the hook, But the way it was spit, just seemed like it had no rhythm, its like it kills the energy from the verses, I felt like it should of been MORE hype then the verses. But still Dope track overall, and prob the best song you could of chose to end the CD with.

Final Thoughts: Say Everything, Any Given Season, How Ya Livin' Feat. Lost Soul The E-Mo Kat, & Thinking about you, and When I'm Dead were my favorite tracks on the CD, while Rollin with Us Feat. Devin Blaze, Fire, and X-Wing Were my least favorite and felt like held the project back a little. Luckily most of these were towards the end of the CD. My biggest gripe is on both CDs the Songs I really Liked, I wanted a 2nd or even 3rd verse on them to keep the song going. I wanted to hear more because they were good and better than some of the other songs. J-Pegs also Really Stepped up his chorus game from The First Dirty Pepsi, lots of different styles all around over Dirty Pepsi 2 and 2.5. J-pegs has adapted well to a nice pop hip hop feel, Which is great if he plans on moving into marketing it soon.

Dirty Pepsi 3 next? Or maybe J-Pegs Comes full circle, Goes Mainstream and drops Crystal Clear pepsi? lol JK, J-Pegs is a beast, and im sure he's got at least another dozen CD's to drop on you any minute lol

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