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ScAto & BuBBa BloomBerg - Life From A Different POV Review

Artist: ScAto & BuBBa BloomBerg CD: Life From A Different POV Pick it up here and Let it Caress your earholes:

Welcome back to G's True Reviews, Today we got a new artist to review, this is my first time hearing anything from ScAto & BuBBa BloomBerg, I will be going over their latest release "Life From a Different POV", & with that lets get into our track by track break down.

1.) Yea Yea - This a has a nice intro, Starts the record off clean, set the tone. Clean flow, has a nice pop feel to it with a decently catchy hook, ya ya ya yeah, Marketable for sure.

2.) Lifestyle - Melodic Piano, Flow has a Bone thugs feel to a little, Wasn't a fan of the hook, seemed a bit repetitive to me, but its catchy too, Verses were good tho, Nice melodies on the bars.

3.)A Lot of Figures - Piano reminds of a circus kind, Like when the beat drops that's dope, clean recording, This was probably one of the less lyrical songs on the CD, Its flashy track tho.

4.) Rob Van Dam- LOL This is awesome gotta love some RVD, This is classic they named this stuff after him, This beat is dope, it gots a nice bouncy dark vibe to it, Flow is borderline chopping, This is probably favorite track on the record. 5 STAR FROG SPLASHING THAT PUSSY BITCH!

5.) A Town - This beat has a fancy melody, with a nice street boom bass, Hook was pretty basic, wasn't feeling it, "I been Balling, (Swish), lol I liked that line." Verses were decent.

6.) Uhhh - This is the sexual track on the record, I really wish there was a chick singing this hook on the uhhh part, its not a bad hook, just would of been better from the chicks perspective on the uhhh part. However, I thought the "told her open wide like ahhh ahh ahh ahh" was fucking hilarious, pure gold. Overall This Goes in tho.

7.) Ain't Bout Nada - Tribal Drums and Rugged Vocals, I Dug this one Too. The bridge before the hook brought it down a little, But overall I Felt this one, one of my favorites.

8.) Can't Let You Go - Has a bit of a reggatone feel to it vocal wise, decent track, beat is nice, flows are smooth and melodic. Hook is hard too.

9.) Life From a Different Point of View - Verses are nice and dark, cool Organ beat, the chorus I like and dislike at the same time, it sounds sort of cool with the effects but it also sounds weird lol.

10.) It Was Never Love - Calm relaxing instrumental, Soft autotune verses, very pop like, not really my style, but its not a bad track. Flow goes on a nice rhythm. Lyrics aren't bad either.

11.) So She Say - Digging this beat, got an old school vibe to it. This recording is super clean, the hook sung really nicely. Very Pop like hook, this song is nice one of my favorite for sure, Its gotta a dope flow too it. This should be on the radio I'd market this one as the single Personally. This hook is gold.

12.) Tears of Joy Freestyle - Melodic Piano Instrumental, Cool little freestyle track, even tho its subtle, The bass on this beat is dope, Lyrics are cool.

Final Thoughts: I Dug the record, it was a nice change to hear something new. Standouts include "Can't Let You Go" "Ain't about Nada" "So She Say" & "Rob Van Dam" Which was my favorite of the bunch. Weaker tracks on the cds were "A-Town" & "A lot of Figures" in my opinion. Overall this is a nice record that should be able to easily marketable, and above the industry standard, sounds much better than your average radio rap, hopefully we hear more from ScAto & BuBBa BloomBerg soon!

Check out some of their music videos Here:

Music video :

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