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Man Of The House Movie Review

Hello Everyone! Welcome back to G's True Reviews, Today we are switching it up and reviewing a new independent film, made by upcoming movie produces The Lucas Brothers, A Brother duo born on the Chicago SouthSide.

The movie states that it is based on a true story , so that give a little more depth and feel while watching it to know that it really happened.

The movie is very short, with a run time of only 7 minutes 14 seconds, But that doesn't take away from what was crammed into that 7 minutes.

This The story of a young African-American boy coming of age. Forced to make adult decision do too his circumstances.

The movie starts off with a parade of Sirens and a young boy running from them. Ending up at your local dope spot, and picking up a piece from his brother to solve some domestic issues at home.

The movie is an eye opener to the suburban America, who doesn't see that stuff like this goes on everyday in our urban communities. The movie even has a quote "My mom told me to stay away from guys like this, but how can I when that's all I see " which reminds me of the old Ice Cube line, "They give us guns and drugs, then wonder why the fuck we thugs" It shows that to survive in a jungle sometimes you must embrace being a beast.

I like the Camera angles, and that the actors seemed really professional in a sense they weren't looking at the camera, they kept focus on their scenes like true professionals. The Transitions were good, Gotta love the slow motion smoke shots, I like the Narrator, Only constructive criticism I'd give is I wish the voice had a little more gusto behind it, like it was more projected to a bigger room.

I have a love hate feel on the grainy overlay used in the movie, I love it cuz I think it looks cool, and kinda makes you feel that street grit, but at the same time in an HD world, I think others may think its a poor quality recording due to it not being clear, But this is super minor, and even if they didn't think it was clear I think they would give it a hood pass on this one being that the movie is gritty. Its not all sunshine and minivans in the hood, and this illustrates that perfectly.

I liked the camera effects when he's walking down the street thinking. Cool Trippy stuff. The Red overlay on the house scene was totally reminiscent of Freddy Krueger, It really fit the scene well. And the shot from the hand's perspective was genius. The Twisting angles super cool. The fighting in my opinion looks like it was acted in slow motion versus throwing real time blows and slowing them down, fighting is one of the hardest things to choreograph and make look real, so its understandable especially in an indie film, Over all I love this scene tho.

The confrontation scene is cool, I think I would added some nervous sweat on his forehead to make it seem more intense, but it was a good lead up. The slow motion on the step dads mouth was cool, was a little hard to hear some of what he's saying, but he is drunk, so. You start hearing numerous audio clips, I like that its all compiling the boy, but I do think they could of been a little louder so you could hear more of them. Overall still solid tho. Then the movie Ends on a cliffhanger, Did he do it or didn't he?

G's Final Thoughts Man of the house is cool little short movie, the ending is a cliffhanger that leaves you wondering, did he or didn't he?

After hearing the words given by his cousin close out the movie, I was really hoping personally to hear a Gunshot right as the credits hit. The leaving it open tho, leaves it open to interpretation, Maybe he didn't shoot him, and walked away, maybe we went like Ice Cube in Friday and Boxed him, and maybe he said fuck it, and shot the dude, I Probably would of.

Overall I dug this I'd give it an 8/10 for what it is. Look forward to seeing more work from the Lucas Brothers,

If you haven't seen this movie yet go show your local indie artist support and check it out. It will be coming out January 1st 2018 on youtubeRED and Facebook.

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