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Ock Soprano & Kese Soprano - The Soprano Brothers CD Review


1.) OCK Soprano & Kese Soprano "Fuck Em Intro" - Very 80s Sample lol, Flow on 1st verse Voice sounds cool just kinda dragged a little, the Doja Blunt line was cool. 2nd Verse was way better, "Cool Chain you should tuck it in" Nice. Good Bass on this, Cool track overall.

2.) OCK Soprano & Kese Soprano "The Brood" - Love that this is a sample of the Brood From WWE, Wish song had a chorus?, flows were good tho. Didn't like the way the 2nd one ended but was still a decent verse.

3.) OCK Soprano & Kese Soprano "West Coast Rolling Remix Feat. Baby Eazy E" - What a Change in Vibes from the last track lol Maybe should of had some kind of intro here the jump from that last song to this was kinda weird, I can see people liking this chorus, but it was too basic for my taste, Baby Eazy E, had a better verse here than on OCK's solo, 3rd Verse was My Favorite. Over all a funky a lil westcoast track, Funny enough I had one called the same thing back in the day, But I think yours is better.

4.) Pizza Shop Skit - Was not really feeling this at all, Just wasn't funny to me. I would of cut this from the record. The Skit on OCK's solo was much much better.

5.) OCK Soprano & Ted Low "Party All Night Remix" - Lol at the Dude Love Sample, cool shit tho. First Verse started good, then Kinda fell off last couple bars, Wasn't a fan of the chorus, I don't like how the 2nd verse came in, it seemed off, and ended kinda weird too, would of been better as solo song in my opinion. No Offence to Ted Low.

6.) OCK Soprano "BackStabbers Feat. Insane Loc" - Nice OJ's Backstabbers sample, Old School Vibe, I Dug this, Insane Loc was Cool too, Song Felt Short tho, felt like it Needed a hook even if it was just more samples of Backstabbers by the OJ's. Still a Good track tho.

7.) OCK Soprano & Kese Soprano "Crazy" - Interesting beat, just gets too repetitive, but I really like that the song was a story, and the "I know it sounds" then letting the crazy hit was G. And The Verses went into the hook Great too. 1st Verse was Best. Over all a cool track, but the Repetitiveness of the chorus's beat brought it down a little for me. Also Track Went on for a long time before hitting the next song, A long silence period. Still one of the best on the CD tho.

8.) OCK Soprano "Blacklist" - Cool Werewolf sample, Beat got a cool Vibe. The Chorus Didn't seem to fit the title to me. Like it should of been called take over or The Movement or something else in my personal opinion. Flows kinda dragged a little, then when you get to The "Feeling like an Animal what a rush" that Was Gold and the bars after that were better than the start of the song.

9.) OCK Soprano & Ted Low "Wicked Theme (Interlude)" - Cool Scratching. Dark Beat, Nice Hard East Coast Raw Flow on first Verse, Ted had a much Better Verse here, But Feel like he needed more Energy behind his delivery. Over all I Dug this tho.

10.) OCK Soprano "Lay Em Down Feat. Ted Low" - Hard Hitting flow at the start, Cool Chorus, This was Ted Lows Best Verse on the Record, But I didn't like the triple repeat on the last bar. Beat was cool, overall cool track.

11.) OCK Soprano "Raw Rollies Feat. Ted Low" - Kick back weed song, Beat wasn't bad, but Not something I would bump, Didn't Like the chorus cuz it was too basic, if that bar was the last part of a 2 or 4 bar chorus probably would of been cool. But it was just too repetitive. Track seemed to a drag bit. The Last Verse had the best flow but was short as hell, I Love weed But I would probably would skip this track. The Comedy at the end was cool, but the echo was a just a lil too much in my opinion, but it works still.

12.) OCK Soprano "Redemption Feat. MC Devlin" - Mc Devlin came off cool, Liked his break into the sample, Clown shit like your name is doink I literally Lol'd Beat is meh, Wasn't a Fan of the chorus, but the rest of the song was cool.

13.) OCK Soprano "Lets Go" - Didn't like this Chorus's Delivery, The Beat was kinda weird too like the guitars and bass should of been way louder, Verses were just ok, overall I didn't like this one.

14.) OCK Soprano "Nice For What" - Another 80s or 90s sample It works here. I like breaks in the beat, Was An alright track about an ex but was real short. A Short Track for Shorty.

Final Thoughts: THE SOPRANO BROTHERS is a cool CD and These brothers do sound good together, My Favorite stand out tracks on the record were The Brood for its all around ruggedness, Backstabbers Feat. Insane Loc (Just Wish it was Longer), and Crazy for its story telling and playing off the beat good. Low points on the CD were the Pizza Skit, Party All Night and Lets Go. Overall I still Dug the CD, Would love to hear more track Like "Brood" From these 2 as they sound dope when spitting like that, Pick this up if you looking for something with an Old school Raw vibe. Look Forward to their next project.

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