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J-Pegs - Dirty Pepsi 3 Review

Artist: J-Pegs CD: Dirty Pepsi 2.5

Pick it up here and Let it rock your System, Like I Rock your mom's Box:

J-Pegs Back it again with the third installment in the Saga that begs to keep refilling your Cup, with that Dirty Pepsi 3. More Music to Sip and Slip, and Robo Trip Away. Lets Slide on into this review.

1.) P.R. - Very out there instrumental, slow but its got style. Prince Purple Rain Dedication track, Wasn't really my style, but I can see some people really liking this. Flow pattern isn't bad, But I would of put a slower song like this at the very end of the CD, but that's just my personal opinion.

2.)One Direction - Nice Creepy drag in on the beat, the intro drags a little bit tho, Flow isn't bad, I liked the 2nd verse better, but definitely isn't the style I expected on this type of beat, the hook is interesting it works a little bit, but wasn't feel the autotune on it. I like the way the 3rd verse changed up differently, and the fact that he made A boy band pun with the name of the track.

3.)Robo-Trip - A Track named after Sipping that Robotussin, tjis outta be good, I like the beat reminds me of the movie Dead Silence a little bit, its dope. I like the verse, the slow down at the end was a very nice touch, Nice UGK Shout out, I wasn't feeling the last verse tho it kinda brought down the rest of it lyrically in my opinion.

4.)Mills Lane Feat Niko The MC - Nice mystery street style beat, Niko The MC did his thing, I dug his verse, He tore that shit open, J-pegs was on too, The hook is a little lazy sounding in style but it works, I dug this track tho, Was hoping for a 3rd verse but The song was a good one.

5.)Dope Spot - A nice a little trap style beat, Slow flow, but its got some style, A hustlers anthem, I dig the lyrics, HA, I got a Shout out! That's Dope, That was a "Dope Spot". Thanks Pimp. The Echo works good on the hook. This song has a lot more substance in it, The 3rd verse was the best.

6.)Countin' All This Money - Soft Trap style, But J-pegs comes off a lot faster on this one, I felt that, The Pokemon line was funny, This song should have a video with raining dollar bills, it would be dope. Very street like, but softer relaxed tone, fits the sipping vibe perfectly good drank music.

7.)Warm Winds - Very slow, But it picks up nice, I like the way he came off on this one, it was a new style for J-Pegs, I like the way the beat fades and comes back in, This song is more relatable than others on the record.

8.)Crystal Clear - I like this upbeats style beat, The Autotune on this hook works, I for someone who doesn't like autotune thought it was cool on this one, but the hook is still kinda quiet, But its one of the better hooks on the CD, And the flow was good too. The song has a nice bite to it. If I was J-Pegs I would push this as the single.

9.)Young Bobby - Nice Sample to start, Breaks into the beat well, another new style, This reminds me of old school 90s, I dug it, It had a lot of style to it, This is J-Pegs Mack song, Slap this on, Get her naked and start slapping her ass. Cuz you about to get some to this one lol

10.)Dat Back - Upbeat club instrumental, High Quality hook, Nice little up beat flow too, it rides the beat nicely, Very pop hop like, This is J-Pegs Club Banger, DJ's get ready he's got an ass shaker ready for you.

11.)Same Clothes as Yesterday - Here's a dope ass beat with a Name I can Relate to lol Flow comes off a little slower than expected, But lyrically it sounds cool, I was hoping the beat was going to change up more off the keys it had during the verse, it had a real nice set of keys but it just repeats too much... The hook was a nice contrast. Like The way it came back in the 2nd verse was dope. A nice hardcore J-Pegs Track.

12.)Xanxiety - Dreamstate style instrumental, Picks up a little street like during the verses High Quality hook, Very pop hop like, Sounds like some Pretty Ricky shit lol flow is alright, This the Xannax Song, I like the way the song bleeds into the hooks smoothly, Songs not really my taste, But I see this being some peoples jam.

13.)Trick on You - Mystery Adventurous type beat, J-Pegs comes off a little harder on this one, I like the tones in his voice on this one, A nice aggressive touch. The Echo on the hook works. Its kinda catchy. The beat needed to be a little louder on this one, I would like to hear more songs with this tone of voice on the verses.

14.)What Do You Think? - Out there instrumental, J-Pegs attacks it nicely, with a cool flow, its a decent track I would of put up closer to the beginning, now I would tell you what I think, but you say you don't give a shit Mr. Pegs, and I think you should take others Opinions in, Just never let them influence you lol, The song is cool, A lot of beat towards the end tho, was hoping for another verse on it.

15.)Cocaine Cowboy - Very Trippy Instrumental, I feel like i'm playing that weird level on Star Fox. Decent flow, the hooks works kinda catchy, This that Yay Dealer Jam, That Thriller Mike Jack line was nice, This the Tony Montana story with a cowboy twist. I would take a picture of a cocaine mustache and a cowboy hat and post it online with it, I think it would go hard and be funny.

16.)High When I Made This - Another Trippy Style Instrumental, It has some nice bass, I like the flow on this one, the levels are nice on this one, I didn't like the hook tho, or the way the beat changed up it just seemed too different, I do like the way it bounced back into the verse tho.

17.)Sex, Drugs & Music - Very slow building Epic Style instrumental, turns into a Nice bass heavy ass shaker. I like this one, The Style was totally different, The way He hit the beat was dope, But on the verse I didn't some of the higher notes he was hitting, but lyrically shit was relatable, and shit rhymes good. This is J-Pegs Rockstar Track, Personally one of my favorites and a Great song to end on. Glad to Hear J-Pegs make the Forever Pledge as well.

Final Thoughts: J-Pegs Never disappoints, A true self made underground legend, dropping CDs, as often as you make bowel movements, except his shit is dope. Seriously I don't know any indy rapper who makes more music, My only big gripe is over use of the One sound Effect "woooo with echo" but thats my own personal opinion. Some of the Highlights on the CD for me personally were Mills Lane, Dope Spot, Crystal Clear, & Sex Drugs and Music. Shout out to Warm Winds, it gets honorable mention, The rest of the CD is ok, but those were the Jams to me, The first couple of tracks were not upto par with the Bangers in my opinion I would of shifted them a little, I would of Started at Mills Lane and moved the first couple tracks further back. I thought Sex Drugs and Music was G tho, and an excellent way to close the CD, This was another Big Step from the last couple Dirty Pepsi CDs. J-Pegs Clearly isn't hitting the breaks anytime soon, and that's good to hear, I'll still be here reviewing Dirty Pepsi 1515325 When it drops in 3099. But Until it does go Scoop this latest Edition on his BandCamp Links at the top!

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