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Eskatology - Reality Check Review

Artist: Eskatology

CD: Reality Check

Australian Hip Hop

Pick it up here Physically & Digitally to shake your booty to it:

1.) Access is Denied - Funky beat, personally wouldn't of led a CD with a beat like this, As I prefer to hear the best beats and songs first on a CD, but thats not to take away from this track its not bad at all, lyrics are good, and the beats not even bad, The vibe is just kind of weird, Overall still a decent track.

2.) WTF With Matty Johnson - An Epic Battle style beat, I think this would of been a much better opening track in my opinion. I dug this track, Its got a hard feeling to it. The Chorus was intresting, Lots of crazy subjects touched on here, like illuminati and reptilians, from right up my alley. This is a stand out track on the cd.

3.) Show Ur Love - Cool lil Piano instrumental, uplifing track, I dig it, the verses aren't the deepest lyrically but fits the situation and mood, and the hook compliments the song nicely, The Chorus is what shines for me most on this track.

4.) Her Majesty - Very cool kick back guitar riffs, slow instrumental, song feels like a self reflection song, song drags kinda slow, but the chorus picks it up a bit. Wasn't one I was feeling much, but its not a bad song. The Chorus is what makes the song for me. 5.) Anxiety with Izzy - Nice slow guitar riffs lead off this one, then it kicks in with a nice flow, the rythm is good and i like the beat, I didnt like the overdubs on the chorus, but the lyrics are cool, Song was alright but it wasn't a stand out on the CD.

6.) Mulplicity with Nfors & Mistery - Nice cool bouncy yet classic epic beat. Was really digging this beat, Nice DJ'd chorus, the verses were good on this track, I liked the colabos. Overall this one is a standout as one of my favorites on the record.

7.) Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Funky beat, very bouncy, dude goes off on the track, I like the energy, I like the subject, chorus was interesting but cool, it was different in a good way. I liked this track.

8.) Interfaith with Prayin Mantis, Yusuf Abdul-Mateen, Bastian Killjoy, Mistery, Sick Rick, M-acculate - Holy heck thats a lot of collabos lol, Beat is a slow piano melodic, This track was like a cypher it was cool, lots of various lyricism styles here, all the styles meshed pretty well it was cool to hear.

9.) Uprise with Dan the underdog & Young Jibwe - Very Cool melodic breeze in the wind type beat, Really was feeling this beat, the dj'd chorus was cool. The lyrics were nice. Great Story, another stand out for me as one of my favorites.

10.) Domestic Disturbance feat. Gingerigini - Slow beat, song about domestic violence it sounds like, touches on a subject a lot dont wish to talk about, I like thatt. but over all the mood of the song was downer to me, the hook tries to bring the mood back up but it didnt work for me.

11.) I Am We with Devize - Melodic singing opens this track, sounds dope, nice upbeat bouncy verses, I like this one, Good track, nice lyrics, the piano compliments the chorus and the chorus makes the song even better. This is a definitely a stand out as one my favorites.

12.) Is All Lost with Gingerigini - Slow kick back track, another reflection type track, lyrically its on point for a story telling reflection type track, Chorus was alright. decent track not a standout but good.

13.) Darkest Hour - Very kick back mellow instrumental I like it, tho I would of liked a darker instrumental with a subject like this, but this instrumental is dope, and the lyrics and song are cool tho, has some cool Spiritual lyricism about your darkest hour, Overall I like this song.

14.) Young Life feat Stray - I like this beat, beat reminds me of another song that I can't put my finger on at this moment, either that or ive heard it before, either way you killed it, chorus is dope too, vocals sound a bit louder on this one, But I really liked this one, Good Shit here.

15.) Anxiety II (Spoken Word) - This was some raw poetry of jazzy saxaphone, it was def a cool way to close the cd out, deep hip hop style, not sure the saxaphone hit the freestyle good rhythm wise but it wasn't bad, the lyrics are what stood out here.

Final Thoughts: Eskatology is raising the bar for Australian MC's, Reminds me of Phrase, over all the cd was interesting, Standouts include WTF w/ Matty Johnson & Mulplicity with Nfors & Mistery, Uprise with Dan the underdog & Young Jibwe & I Am We with Devize. While the weaker tracks were Access is Denied & Domestic Disturbance Feat. Gingerigini. Overal Eskatology has a cool original flow, usually bounces alot, very clean delivery that's on point, and can touch on some pretty lyrical subjects, the Mixing and mastering on the cd was very clean, the quality all around is good and solid sounds professional, the album has a chill feel to it, hip hop centered, and all around balanced, If I could make any criticism it would be a need to put more emotions to bars that need them, so even if you weren't really listening to the lyrics people can still feel the emotion. Over all if your looking for a new sound with some deep lyricism, this is a good spot to find it. Go pick it up and enjoy some new perspectives in the world.

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